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John Wycliffe Theological College

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John Wycliffe Theological College is named after the man rightly hailed as the "Morning Star of the Reformation." Over 600 years ago, Wycliffe fought tenaciously for the truth and authority of the Word of God and trained his "Lollards" to do the same. This derogatory title given to Wycliffe's followers may have signified "mumblers" or "seed sowers." The latter aptly describes the activity of preachers faithfully proclaiming the truth wherever they go.

We share Wycliffe's burden for "scattering the seed of God's Word" by proclaiming the truth and resisting error. Issues similar to those he faced urgently confront us today, which is why this college was established. We strive to prepare men to preach the precious gospel of salvation wherever God calls them. Combining the above burden and the truth of 2 Tim 2:1-15, the motto of our college is "Training faithful men to scatter the seed of God's Word." To this end, we offer the following programs:

Greenville Presbyterian Theological Seminary

Greenville Presbyterian Theological Seminary (GPTS) is a Reformed seminary in Greenville, South Caroline, USA. GPTS president, Dr. Joseph Pipa writes regarding Greenville's aims: "Our hope and desire is to see faithful  churches led by faithful ministers. God transforms men and women as He blesses His word as it goes forth in preaching. In this time of moral bankruptcy, the gimmick-driven church has found numerical success, but in the midst of this we advocate a return to a new view of ministry that, upon further investigation, is not new at all. We long to see a return to the ordinary means-of-grace ministry that God blessed in all of the great epochs of history."

We are grateful to the Lord for our growing relationship with GPTS. The GPTS courses are rigorous and thorough, and have been very good for our students in their preparation for pastoral ministry. We lecture some of the GPTS courses ourselves, but most of the courses are taught by GPTS lecturers: students watch recordings of the lectures from Greenville, and then meet at the college, or from home by live video, once per week for discussion and review. We have been offering the MA in Theological Studies since 2014, and the
Bachelor of Divinity and Master of Divinity since the beginning of 2017.

Bachelor of Divinity / Master of Divinity


The Bachelor of Divinity (BD) and Master of Divinity (MDiv) consist of exactly the same courses and work. The only difference is that those who already have an undergraduate degree are enrolled in the MDiv, and those who do not are enrolled in the BD. The BD/MDiv program includes all of the courses GPTS offers to prepare men for pastoral ministry. This program has 120 credit hours, and takes four years of full time study to complete. The BD/MDiv is the most thorough training we offer to prepare men for pastoral ministry. 

 Master of Arts in Religion


The Master of Arts in Religion (MAR) courses are a subset of the courses offered in the BD/MDiv. Students receive rigorous theological training without taking several of the courses offered in the BD/MDiv, such as preaching, Reformed worship, and advanced courses in exegesis, Biblical theology, and systematic theology. The MAR has 44 credit hours, and takes two years of full time study to complete.


Certificate in Christian Ministry

This certificate in Christian ministry program is aimed at providing Biblical education to pastors and individuals interested in pursuing Biblical studies. The studies are provided through Third Millenium Ministries' free graphic-driven videos and certificate is offered by Birmingham Theological Seminary in the United States. It is an excellent resource for all; we also use it as a solid grounding for those who desire to move into the GPTS MATS program. Thus, it will benefit a local church where there is a group of members who are interested in gaining a richer understanding of God's Word and potential leaders who want a good introduction into theological studies. This program comprises of 14 individual modules totalling 27 credit hours of study.

Our website is currently under development. Please contact Garth Randall at or 011-462-9478

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